Parallel Studio XE 2020 cluster + openSUSE leap 15.0


Software > Software Management
Click [View] pulltub > Patterns
Install "Base Development" and C/C++ Development

goto some temporal directory, where hogehoge.tgz (downloaded compiler tarball) is

$tar -zxvf hogehoge.tgz

then, goto directry

$sudo bash; umask
(GUI instalation makes buggy compiler, maybe because of unsupported OS)

In my installation...

compiler has no problem, but intel MPI does not.

to fix, obtain correct hostname

linux-nwxn(in my case)

fix file /etc/hosts as follows localhost linux-nwxn
(so maybe -localhost option will work, but I did not checked)
it works on 2017-2018. not work on 2019, 2020, for now.

to use intel compiler
$. /opt/intel/parallel_studio_xe_XXXX.X.XXX/


$export FFT_LIBS="-L$MKLROOT/include/fftw -mkl"
$./configure --enable-parallel --enable-openmp MPIF90=mpiifort CC=mpiicc F90=mpifort F77=mpifort --with-scalapack=intel --enable-shared
note that v6.5 is not compilable (@pwi2xsf.f90), while v.6.4 or earlier is OK.